Showcase your company's creative flair...

Attract potential customers in a memorable way...

Let your company stand out in a public setting...

  • Launching a new product or project
  • Facility openings
  • Network with clients and share ideas
  • Staff award nights
  • Celebrations and entertainment
  • Engage the community
  • Raise funds
  • Attract media coverage

Event Management

Event Management uses design and innovation to create a special experience for a variety of audiences, including clients, guests, stakeholders and media.

Events are exciting and memorable occasions which add diversity to your company’s operations. A successful event will help you build your identity within the community and form lasting relationships with sponsors, suppliers and customers.

Simpson Marketing will ensure the success of your event by carefully planning right through to executing the event on the actual day. We understand that every organization has unique event requirements, thus we will tailor-make a solution to meet your needs within your budget.