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Media Marketing

Media Marketing refers to the editorial and publicity content published in newspapers, television, radio and magazines. We will also keep you up to date with more modern channels such as web and social media, and apps on devices.

The Simpson Marketing Cairns team currently produces and distributes media stories, articles and photographs, and maintains strong relations across all media in Cairns and Far North Queensland. We also work with graphic artists and provide interactive media support to wide range of clients. To keep up with today’s trends, we assist with creating and maintaining online forums, blogs and apps. This will ensure your message reaches your target audience no matter what device they use.


Media Services Include:

Public Relations and Publicity

Public Relations helps maintain a favourable public image of services and organisations. Simpson Marketing Cairns provides Public Relations and works closely with radio, television and print media to ensure your business is getting appropriate and managed media coverage. This relationship helps communicate your business’ news to your target audience. We will also assist with support on issues management if required.

Media Events

Simpson Marketing Cairns uses media events to attract coverage on company or product launches. Such events produce newsworthy stories for both traditional and social media that will improve product and brand recognition for clients and their specific products.


Photography is a vital aspect of marketing, and using images appropriate to your location, industrybrand and client sensitivities is essential. Simpson Marketing Cairns advises on appropriate photography as part of any marketing activity. Among many things, we can photograph your staff, facilities, products, clients being served, projects, events, and progression/before-and-after shots.

Social Media

With the vast majority of today’s businesses and consumers shifting towards digital platforms, it is essential for your company to have a strong online presence and a social media component as part of its marketing strategy. Suited to specific industries, these online tools are fast becoming a quick and efficient way to interact with customers. Social media includes technology such as blogs, forums, social networking sites, and QR codes. Each is relevant to a different audience and a different message. Simpson Marketing will ensure your social media strategy is well planned, well directed and closely monitored.