Promote your company's unique image, staff and offerings

Engage, attract and keep customers up to date

Inform your customers in an artistic way...

...and proudly display your logo on calendars, pens and business cards!

Promotional Material

Promotional pieces blend information and creativity to communicate to your customers in a number of important ways. They inform, engage, remind and attract customers to your business.

Simpson Marketing plan, produce and distribute a range of promotional material to reach our clients’ target markets. We will select the most appropriate tactics by analysing your target audience and ways they access and use information.

We employ specialist writers, designers, printers and programmers to produce the materials. These also include calendars, business cards and various office stationery displaying your company’s logo and details.¬†Effective distribution is essential to ensure materials reach the market and Simpson Marketing can provide, develop and manage databases. We will also take responsibility for physical distribution if necessary.