To be successful in business in a regional or remote area, you need to understand the people...

How their community functions

What is important to them

Who the information gate keepers are

What resources they’ve got to keep their community functioning well

Simpson Marketing are the experts in Cairns marketing. We believe it’s as much who you know, as what you know, and Simpson Marketing has an extensive network of contacts in business, tourism, Indigenous support, government and the Far North Queensland community. Our success comes down to research, local Cairns knowledge, and free-flowing communication.

We have worked with the Cairns business community for over 15 years, helping business grow through finding new customers or targeting more effectively. Our Cairns local knowledge has allowed us to help our clients with specifically targeted marketing.

Why Simpson Marketing?

Simpson Marketing constantly visits and talks to people. We know “what makes people tick” so you can focus on your product successfully and win them as a customer.

Simpson Marketing has an extensive history of involvement with a broad range of local Cairns and Far North Queensland industries, including:

– Allied Health                                                   – Not-For-Profit

– Aged Care                                                        – Personal Service

– Education and Training                               – Primary Production

– Engineering                                                    – Professional Service

– Entertainment/Events                                 – Restaurants/Cafes

– Environment                                                  – Retail

– Indigenous Support                                      – Technical Service

– Legal and Accounting Services                   – Tourism

– Local Government                                        – Transport/Distribution

– Manufacturing